The Startup Academy is an initiative to share the expertise of our team of financial analysts at The Startup CFO.

Until then, training in finance for startups was minimal, so we decided to share all our knowledge with the ecosystem.

We have worked with more than 100 startups, managing different day-to-day issues in each of them. This knowledge has allowed us to train our students from a practical point of view and focused on analyzing real cases.

What our students value most when learning with us


The online learning format, with recorded classes and live case studies, allows each student to manage the investment of time.


A large community of top profiles in the ecosystem fosters networking and continuous improvement among our students.


Analysis and case studies on real situations give an exact vision of applying the concepts in day-to-day life.


"Startups are very particular businesses and immersed in extreme uncertainty. For this reason, a large part of the financial knowledge in regular companies is not useful for analysing startups, and therefore needs to learn a new language to understand them. I had to go through this transition when I moved from consulting to startups, and so did hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, people entering the sector...

For this reason, and after having worked with more than 100 startups, we thought we could provide a course that would bring together this much-needed knowledge for the ecosystem."

Jaime Medina

CEO & Co-founder The Startup CFO

"In the last few years, knowledge transfer and training are changing radically, especially because of specialisation and online education. Universities or business schools often do not cover new business models extensively, but are lagging behind.

On the other hand, in online schools it is easy that the community does not contribute as much because there are profiles with too different objectives. We believe that with this course we can provide high quality knowledge about cutting-edge startups while maintaining a very high level in our community, as our students from past editions have already confirmed."

Luis Fernando Robledo

Associate at McKinsey & Company

Our Partners

In the school, we work with different partners who support the project and benefit from being part of the school, both for themselves and for all their collaborators.


At The Startup Academy, we reach agreements to offer the maximum added value to the members of the communities that collaborate with us.


The funds we collaborate with train their analysts in our course in order to improve the capture and analysis of business opportunities.


We help startups from accelerators and incubators without a finance team in the early stages of entrepreneurship to face financing rounds with a solid financial situation.

Samaipata is an early-stage startup fund that invests in digital platforms across Europe.

Nova is the global talent community that connects the most potential people with each other and with the best career opportunities.

Venture Capital specialized in investments in startups in the pre-seed and seed phase.

Early-stage European VC investing in technology projects that solve big problems.

K Fund is an early-stage venture capital company with an entrepreneur-focused philosophy that aims to drive the evolution of the Spanish startup ecosystem.

Demium is a talent investment company founded in Valencia in 2013 with the aim of supporting the best professionals and helping them carry out successful projects.

La Nave is an innovation center, a meeting point for startups, citizens, companies and an entire network of innovative professionals who seek to transform the city of Madrid.

Espacio_RES is a startup accelerator based in Seville.

Ufounders is the first entrepreneurship marketplace in the world

Minerva is an entrepreneurship program, promoted by the Government of Andalusia and Vodafone, to promote business projects in the technology sector in the Andalusian region.

SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator is the first vertical accelerator in Education, based in Spain and internationally, which was born more than six years ago at the SEK Educational Institution.

Igeneris is a business design company: they design, test and launch innovative business models to the market.

It is an innovation program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that makes technology transfer possible between science, the market and society.

Conexo Ventures is the second fund launched by the manager GED Capital Development. It specializes in investing in startups from southern Europe to scale by internationalizing them in the US

Our Community

Our community is one of the most important added values of this school. Different top professionals have already passed through our courses, generating networking and enjoying the content of The Startup Academy.

Corporate Investment Banking, Financial Controller, CEO, CFO, Founder in startups, PE Investor, Risk Specialist, Big4 Senior Associate, Investment Analyst, and Investment Partner… are some of the positions held by our students in leading companies in different markets:

Finance professionals in startups: They learn or reinforce the most important concepts at a high level of detail to use them on a daily basis.

Corporate profiles: They are formed with the intention of making a change in their professional career towards a startup or Venture Capital.

Business Angels and Venture Capital: They analyze startups from a potential investor point of view, focusing on metrics and business models

Passionate about the startup and VC world: Eager to learn and expand knowledge in one of the leading sectors with the most professional opportunities

What they share

What do they think of the teaching staff?

At The Startup Academy nothing would be possible without our teachers. All of them are great professionals with a lot of experience in startup finance who help our students learn by applying the knowledge in a practical way and providing the value of having worked with more than 100 startups.

How is the quality of the content?

Through our experience, in The Startup Academy we developed a content program adapted to the reality of the ecosystem, deepening and analyzing the most important blocks when it comes to managing the finances of startups.

Our community

The cornerstone of The Startup Academy. We have created a community of professionals who, in addition to learning during the course, add value and generate networking in the ecosystem. Beyond giving courses, we want to create this community in which synergies are generated between the different players in the ecosystem.

Talks at The Startup Academy

Our talks are already a recognized added value in the ecosystem. We have the privilege of chatting with professionals of the ecosystem who tell us about their experience, from their beginnings, often failing, until today as entrepreneurs and successful professionals of companies like Glovo, Cobee, Boopos, Nauta Capital, Capchase, Kibo Venture, Graphext or Merama among others.

How have our students experienced it?

Who better than them to tell the experience. At The Startup Academy we work to continue providing value to our students both in knowledge and in the personal and work experience they live with us.

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