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6 hours/week  (Theory + practice)






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Start date

Start date 
Septembe, 26

Course objectives

Understand the structure and internal mechanisms of Venture Capital

Grasp the different alternatives to raise funds for a Venture Capital fund

Identify the various exit options and their impact on a fund's profitability

Learn different valuation methods for companies at various maturity stages

Model and understand different types of venture capital transactions

Build a network of motivated professionals eager to dive into the world of Venture Capital and entrepreneurship

Study plan


  • Pre-read: Introductory materials (news, documents, book chapters…) related to each topic
  • Theory videos: Recorded sessions explaining all relevant concepts of the topic
  • Slides: Theory in “slides” format to follow the recorded videos and complete the practical case


  • Case Statement: Practical cases based on real companies and situations. A statement and a supporting excel will be provided for case resolution
  • Case Solution: An excel solution will be provided so that students can refer to it when solving the case
  • Live Video Class: After discussing the case in a live class, the video will be uploaded for students to watch as many times as they want

Lesson 1 · Introduction to Venture Capital

  • What is a Venture Capital firm? What is a Venture Capital fund? Presentation of the main VC stakeholders: Managers, LPs, entrepreneurs.
  • History of Venture Capital: origin and deep dive of its evolution in Spain.
  • What companies do Venture Capital funds invest in. Examples.
  • Life phases of startups and the role of investors in each phase: when do funds enter, with what amounts and what role do they play?
  • Case study

Lesson 2 · Fund structure and operations I

  • Different types of funds (Pledge Funds, Evergreen Funds, …)
  • VC fund profiles and career paths: GPs, LPs, Principals, Investment Associates, typical profiles, typical years in each role.
  • Fund life cycles: duration, investment phase, disinvestment, recycling, fund chaining, initial investment management vs. follow-ons, etc. Comment on evergreen.
  • Incentives in funds: management fees and carry. Cash flow in funds
  • Case study


Lesson 3 · Fund structure and operations II

  • Main fund metrics: Vintage, TVPI, DPI, IRR, Capital Call, Loss Ratio.
  • Benchmarking the performance of different funds in Europe and in the USA.
  • Legal clauses of the funds: the rules and regulations and Venture Capital fund tech stack: tools used by funds
  • Case study

Lesson 4 · Dealflow

  • Investment thesis of the funds: main variables (stage, vertical/general, geographic). Examples of some funds: Sequoia, Fifth Wall, Airstreet.
  • Investment process: from the first meeting to the Term Sheet. Investment Committee. Materials needed at each step of the process
  • Potential deal analysis
  • Case study


Lesson 5 · Startup valuation

  • Main typical valuation methods in startups:
    • Dilution
    • The VC method
    • Comparable multiples
    • DCF. Does it work?
  • Stages at which each business model is typically used and dilution benchmarks
  • Examples of valuations – Is it ideal to raise the most money at the highest valuation? Implications of doing so
  • Case study


Lesson 6 · Execution of a Venture Capital transaction

  • Captable: what is it
  • Pre-money and post-money valuation, primary and secondary, convertible notes, ESOPs…
  • Term Sheet: main clauses Preferred shares, Liquidation Preference, Antidilution rights, Right of First Refusal, Tag Along & Drag Along…
  • Due Diligence: actors, timing, red flags
  • Case study

Lesson 7 · Portfolio management

  • Venture Capital portfolio management: power law (distribution of returns) & home runs
  • Company management:
    • Board dynamics throughout the life of the company
    • Internal follow-on management
  • The VC fund as a platform: examples of how funds help companies
  • Case study


Lesson 8 · Exits

  • Types of exit: M&A, IPO/SPAC, Aquihire, Secondaries/buy-outs
  • Exit terms: Equity purchase/Asset purchase, Earn-out, Lock-in period, Implications of liquidation preferences in an exit…
  • Waterfall
  • Case study

Lesson 9 · Financing of a VC fund

  • Fundraising process of a fund: timing, sources, costs, evolution of amounts
  • What do LPs look at? GPs selection criteria: team, track record, market, investment thesis
  • Public financing: role and requirements of the EIF, ICO, etc.
  • Leverage
  • Case study


Lesson 10 · Reporting from GPs to LPs

  • Relationship GPs – LPs: motivations behind LP investments and matching with GPs
  • Reporting content and tools
  • Main problems and points of discussion
  • Reporting cadence and meetings with LPs
  • Case study

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Resolution of doubts

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Beginning of the course

On September 26 there will be a live briefing on how the course works and all course materials will be made available to students.


Jordi Vidal  


  • Principal at Kibo Ventures
  • Strategy Manager at Deliberry
  • Consultant at Odgers Berndston
  • Financial Risk Management at KPMG

Jaime Medina  


  • CEO at The Startup CFO
  • Private Investor at BackFund
  • VP of Finance at Geoblink
  • Head of Finance at Ontruck
  • Consultant at McKinsey & Company

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am 100% sure that this would never have happened.

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